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(core capabilities)

Project Management Services

Acquisition Management Support

  • Providing comprehensive, cross-functional, total lifecycle support for document development and decision reviews

  • Developing actionable procurement request packages

  • Performing data analysis to develop acquisition strategies

Project Management Services

Systems Engineering

o    Providing technical support for the specification, design, development, production, technical management, operations, and disposal of a system.
o    Implementing technical processes and technical management processes to support the systems engineering process.
o    Developing systems engineering program documentation such as System Engineering Plans (SEP), Test and Evaluation Master Plans (TEMP), Program Protection Plans (PPP), Cybersecurity, and Lifecycle Susteinament Plans (LCSP).

Customized Training Services

o    Developing and/or delivering courses of instruction that enhance the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the participants in specific subject matter areas or related to general knowledge areas.
o    Providing instructional design support that implements the “ADDIE Model” (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation)

Technical & Engineering Services

Training & Education Services

Technical & Engineering Services
Training and Education Services
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BSG assists organizations in planning, preparing, and performing their mission-oriented business functions, assessing the results, and making recommendations on improving performance outcomes.

Management Support & Consulting Services

Management Support & Consulting Services


BSG does not currently have any open positions. However, check back later, or feel free to complete and submit the contact form if you are interested in being considered for future openings.


Learn More About Us.

BSG helps our clients reduce friction to improve their mission-oriented business outcomes. BSG does this by providing knowledge-based support services to facilitate our customers’ capacity to deliver results for their stakeholders.

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